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February 26, 2014 at 8:00 am

10 Best Cakes for Farmers and Foodies

There are few things like the perfectly chosen cake to put a smile on your face. For farmers, foodies, or those who want to pretend that triple-chocolate, double-layered, buttercream-frosted cake has more to do with veggies than calories there’s nothing like a fresh farm cake to get the party started.

Whether you’re celebrating a retirement, birthday, buying a new tractor, or simply your love of cake, the following desserts will whet your appetite for more.


1. Happy as a Pig in Mud Cake, Once Upon a Tier

once upon a tier pig in mud cake



2. Garden Cake, Cookie-Cup-Cakery

cookie-cup-cakery retirement garden cake



3. Farm Cake, Mandalina Bakery

farm cake mandalina bakery



4. Cupcake Animal Farm, Blue Cupcake

blue cupcake cupcake animal farm



5. Diversified Farm Cake, Sweet Treats

sweet treats farm cake



6. Piglets Pigging Out, Cake Central

mama pig cakecentral



7. John Deere Cake, Picture Perfect Cakes

John Deere Cake



8. Chicken Cake, Fitzroy Specialty Cakes

megan chicken cake



9. Crop Circle Cake, Peggy Weaver

crop circle cake peggy weaver

10. The Gardener Cake, Ingenious Cakes

gardener cake ingenious cakes


Wherever possible, we noted and linked to the name of the bakery that made the cake. If you see any sources in error or know of the original maker of a cake, please let us know in the comments. 

Table Scraps is a Food Politic column dedicated to the small morsels of stories, videos, and more. They don’t have enough calories for a full article but are just too good to let go to waste.

-Tove K. Danovich