About Us

On our homepage, the phrase above our newest posts reads, “If you eat, Food Politic matters.” This very general statement gets to the heart of what made us decide to give food news, culture, and politics an online place to call home.

When this site first went live on February 18, 2013 there were a lot of great books about food, blogs about food, and websites where food and other topics like the environment were stirred together. But we couldn’t find one site where people – not just writers – interested in food politics could easily share their ideas. Without it, a lot of important stories were going unreported and unheard.

We want those good stories and we want to share them with you. That’s why all the content on Food Politic is 100% free—always. We depend entirely on donations and advertising to keep this site running.

Behind every piece of content on this website is a person who believes food is important and that we can do better. For some people this means sustainable farming, others focus on water conservation, some farmers raise animals humanely while others refuse to raise animals at all, we might eat local, organic, or want to focus on making labels clearer and lobbying less prominent.

Our goal is to create a journal where you can follow a friend’s link to an article about a rooftop farm and be led to information on the farm bill, beekeeping, eating sustainably, and more. If you don’t change your beliefs about how to eat, we hope to have challenged them by the time you close your computer.

Like it or not, you are part of the Food Politic. 

To see a list of our contributors so far, visit our masthead.