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December 1, 2014 at 8:00 am

Food News Fast – December 1, 2014

The heartbreaking story of a family farm coming to an end.
[Fast Company]

How did turkeys end up with so much white meat?
[Modern Farmer]

Building culinary skills and community at urban crop swaps.
[New York Times]

Credit: Vicki DeLoach

Credit: Vicki DeLoach

For turkey farmers, Thanksgiving is the busiest season of the year. But what is it really like?
[Edible Manhattan]

These giant cookies intricately celebrate pop culture icons.

Wisconsin’s cranberry growers are bogged down once again.
[New York Times]

In ranching states, high pasture prices are putting a squeeze on grazing.
[Harvest Public Media]

Expect calorie labels at a restaurant near you after a new FDA ruling.

Photo series makes junk food look faker than it is.
[First We Feast]

Canned baby food wasn’t always the answer to feeding young children. Here’s how it happened.
[The Atlantic]

-Tove K. Danovich