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December 22, 2014 at 9:59 am

Food News Fast – December 22, 2014

How vegetable growers became the Colorado pot industry’s best friend.
[Modern Farmer]

On the hunt for the ever elusive white truffle.

An important lesson on how to resist cookie temptation.

Farmers might be the biggest beneficiaries of the new U.S.-Cuba relationship.

Reviving the Icelandic tradition of making sea salt.

A farmer walks into a bar and tells a joke. The life of an agricultural comedian.
[Modern Farmer]

Is “rewilding” crops the way to bring biodiversity back to the farm?

Get in line now – the Pope is opening up his farm for tours next year.
[ABC News]

What is it like to spend Christmas in Antarctica?

Credit: Mike Mozart

Credit: Mike Mozart

Peanut butter mysteries: why is it so sticky?

How do farmers actually spend their winters?
[Modern Farmer]

Carl’s Jr. just started selling an “all natural” grass-fed burger.
[USA Today]

Will California’s new egg law be responsible for shortages and rising prices nation-wide?
[Washington Post]

-Tove K. Danovich