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January 5, 2015 at 8:12 am

Food News Fast – January 5, 2014

Texas is turning into olive-oil country.

In Kansas, reviving a lost grocery store could be the key to reviving the town itself.
[New York Times]

China is smuggling a lot of Vietnamese rice.
[Wall Street Journal]

There’s a national bourbon barrel shortage as demand for the brown liquor climbs.

California’s egg law puts restrictions on what eaters can buy rather than changing regulations for farmers to interesting results.

The GOP is already making strides toward reversing new food policies.

New food hubs are helping farmers get out of the distribution business.
[New York Times]

As more Vietnamese are keeping dogs as pets, chefs have created a popular imitation dog meat dish.
[The Atlantic]

Salt farmers on remote South Korean islands are kidnapping disabled people and making them work as slaves with local cooperation from villagers and police.
[CBS News]

-Tove K. Danovich