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May 13, 2013 at 2:00 pm

Food News Fast – May 13, 2013

Grist’s Susie Cagle has written an excellent piece on the troubles of Drake’s Bay Oyster Co. in Point Reyes, California.

Point Reyes (Flickr | Dave Pacheco)

Point Reyes
(Flickr | Dave Pacheco)

What it means to be a neighbor in the heartland.
[The Daily Yonder]

Ron Finley, LA’s Guerrilla Gardener gets a much-deserved profile.
[New York Times]

Food trucks might be the hippest way not to make a living.
[New York Times]

Determining catch-limits based on looking at types of fish individually will never make a healthy ecosystem.

Ramps are everywhere on seasonal spring menus. Are we overgathering?

In Detroit, fast food employees outnumber automotive workers by 2:1 and they want better wages.
[Huffington Post]

Despite claims to the contrary, there is a long history of discrimination against minority farmers.
[History News Network]

An architecture class designs buildings that consider social, political, and economic issues as well as food and the environment. How? By creating urban honey processing plants.
[Modern Farmer]

Not so surprisingly, Subway is not actually healthier than McDonald’s.
[LA Times]

Have GMO seeds actually increased crop productivity?

Conservation is finally being introduced into the Farm Bill in a major way – but crop insurance isn’t going anywhere.

Zip codes are a good indicator of obesity rates.

Using the courts to stop deceptive marketing.
[Eat Drink Politics]