January 22, 2015 at 9:50 am

Goodbye To All This

It’s been a wonderful two years. We’ve published 525 articles by 81 amazing authors and talked about everything from food trends to life on a farm to food deserts. Our authors have been PhDs, students, farmers, journalists, and eaters. Yet today I have to make a bittersweet announcement: Food Politic is closing up shop. Though we accomplished so very much we were never able to get funding to pay our writers and working on a shoestring budget is hard – hard for me and hard for the wonderful people who put so much effort into every story simply because they had something to say.

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

When I first got the idea to put together a journal that would let anyone talk about food, there wasn’t much out there. Except for the wonderful Civil Eats, there just weren’t digital publications dedicated to the things we eat. Just two years later, it’s a different world. Modern Farmer and Food Tank – two behemoths of food and farming – launched almost at the same time we did. (There must have been something in the air!) Vice started Munchies, a section devoted to the weirder side of food. As I got the opportunity to talk to more writers and editors it became clear that everyone was interested in doing more with food. Eater recently started publishing longform food journalism. General interest publications that only covered food in passing are talking about starting dedicated sections. These are all very exciting things.

Of course, it’s still hard for non-writers to get their shoe in the door. But if you have a good enough story and take the time to look up the proper way to pitch it – someone will pay attention. It just takes time. Today I often see people who started out at Food Politic publishing in Edible Magazines, Civil Eats, or Modern Farmer. Of everything we accomplished in two years, that might be the one I’m most proud of. Sometimes you just need a little confidence and a clip in your portfolio.

For those of you who relied on our weekly Food News Fast roundup, I’ll also be doing a version of it on my blog every week. So don’t fret!

To celebrate our great run, here are the Top 10 Food Politic stories of all time. Just because we won’t update this site anymore doesn’t mean the stories are going anywhere. So take this opportunity to read articles you may have missed in the past. And if you ever want to get in touch, there’s a great place to find me.

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8. Biomimicry and Agriculture: Sustainable Solutions Inspired by Nature

9. The ‘Putting Up Your Harvest’ Series

10. FarmHer Refaces the All-American Farmer

-Tove K. Danovich