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August 8, 2014 at 9:42 am

Putting Up Your Summer Harvest: Green Tomatoes

This series is for farmers, gardeners, or anyone overloaded with produce. Written by Monica Johnson, a woman who farmed her way from Brooklyn, NY to her current home in Deep East Texas, “Putting Up Your Summer Harvest” is full of tips and tricks to keep your food waste down and your culinary enjoyment lasting throughout the colder seasons. Enjoy these clever ways to preserve your fruitful harvest. 

Credit: Flickr

Credit: Flickr

It’s hard to imagine that a few weeks ago, I had more ripe tomatoes than I knew what to do with. They took up all the counter space and spilled over onto the table, which gave us little room to eat.

Now in the heat of the summer, my tomato production has slowed. In fact, but I have an abundant amount of green ones.

Often not used, green tomatoes offer unique possibilities for recipes. They offer a bit of a pop of flavor. Since they are not yet ripe, their flesh is thicker and stands up well in the heat of cooking and baking.

Here are eight helpful hints to put up your tomatoes so you can enjoy them in the upcoming cooler months – a few you can enjoy right now:

1. Make Green Eggs and Ham. This is my ode to Dr. Seuss. Growing up, I had no idea this could actually be eaten.  All you have to do is blend greens – in this case, green tomatoes – into a something like a pesto and mix it into your eggs. So connect with your inner child and enjoy this for breakfast today!

2. Fry Them. Let’s just get this old standard out of the way. You can’t beat fresh fried green tomatoes.

3. Pair with Mozzarella and Basil. This is a fun twist on a classic summer appetizer.

Okay. Moving on to the preserving part…

4. Make salsa. I made this for the first time this year and along with everyone else, I was blown away by how good it was. A fun alternative to the usual salsa, it’s tangy and hearty. Water bath can it or freeze it.

5. Pickle Them. Portlandia is right – you really can pickle jut about anything! Water bath can or freeze.

6. Bake a Casserole. The options are endless. Pair with other summer vegetables like summer squash or eggplants. Once you have enjoyed some of the casserole, portion it out, put in plastic bags or container,s and freeze to enjoy in months to come.

7. Make Bread or Biscuits. Make more than enough and then freeze the extra. Take out and toast to enjoy.

8. Make Sauce. Just like with red tomatoes, you can make a great sauce. Make an all-green sauce or mix in with red ones or hot peppers. Freeze or water bath can it.

-Monica Johnson