December 17, 2014 at 8:00 am

Take Your Dream Vacation in a Gingerbread House

How would you like to stay in a cozy gingerbread cabin for the holidays? Or is a gingerbread camper more your style? For the fanciest among you, there’s even a modern gingerbread home to satisfy all your architectural desires.


The homes are the product of a for-charity advertising campaign by the McKinney agency. To organize your stay, visit their host site Gingerbread bnb (if only this were a real Airbnb spinoff) and book your trip. Just don’t pack your bags just yet. Your reservation gets you a digital tour of your gingerbread destination with all proceeds going to Robin Hood, a NYC-based anti-poverty organization.

As someone whose gingerbread houses have never managed to have any structural integrity to speak of, both the design and goal of these houses is impressive. Much like the real Airbnb, each listing comes with more detailed information about each house’s interiors. The rustic cabin comes with a “Taffy sleeper sofa (sleeps two gingerpeople comfortably)” while the camper has “Ginger-bunk beds with sour licorice linens provided.” For those who want a little more style, the modern home features both a “second floor loft with marshmallow meditation room” and “mid-century taffy furniture”–just like you’ve seen in your holiday West Elm catalogue. Only more delicious.

-Tove K. Danovich